“ART-UNI-ON aims to move beyond the institutionalized education system to discover art students with high potentials and provide them with the opportunity to communicate with the public through their works by creating a global art school network platform that is available to all art students around the world.”

“ART-UNI-ON”(AUO) is a global art school network platform that enables the domestic and international art students to enter into their bright future. AUO is a mid- and long-term cooperation project between the Department of Art at Seoul National University and Hyundai Motor Company, and it aspires to promote the value of communication and sharing, as well as to create a form of sustainable online art education framework. AUO provides the platform for young artists, global experts in the art and cultural industry, and others who are interested in art to freely communicate and share their thoughts. AUO aims to function as a channel for dynamic international network.


Purposes of ART-UNI-ON

1. Provide communication and exchange between art students, industry experts, and the general public
2. Create an international network of art studnets
3. Discover and support future artists
4. Promote common values to invigorate online/offline art education without borders
5. To foster new creative energy

AUO Mentors

Bae Sangmin, Professor, Industrial Design Department, KAIST
Ban Ejung, Art Critic
Choi Sungmin, Designer(of Sulki & Min), Professor
David Brooks, Artist
Elaine W. Ng, Editor & Publisher, ArtAsiaPacific
Gladys Chung, Director, The Fanzhi Foundation for Art and Education
Jung Hyun, Art Critic, Associate Professor, Independent Curator
Kong Sung-hun, Artist
Kim Taiyun, Artist
Lee Yongbaek, Artist
Lee Daehyung, Art Director, Hyundai Motor Company
Lim Geun-jun, Art and Design Critic
Mina Cheon, Artist, Professor
Natsumi Araki, Curator, Mori Art Museum
Park Jina, Artist
Shin Boseul, Curator, Total Museum
Wang Chunchen, Head, Department of Curatorial Research, CAFA Art Museum
Yoo Geuntaek, Artist, Professor
Yi Soojung, Curator

AUO Advisors

Bae Bien-U, Artist
John Rajchman, Adjunct Professor, Department of Art History & Archaeology, Columbia University
Lee Soon-Jong, Emeritus Professor, Former Dean, Design Department, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
Lee Ufan, Artist
Seung H-Sang, City Architect, CEO, 'IROJE'
Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture & Design, MoMA
Pekka Korvenmaa, Vice Dean, Aalto University School of Art and Design
Zeng Fanzhi, Artist

AUO Artists

Five students are selected as AUO artists per session and matched with prominent figures of the arts and cultural industry as their mentor to share each other’s perspective for a period of 6 months.

Benefits for AUO Artists

1. Provision of ART-UNI-ON Scholarship
2. Presentation of award
3. Invitation to lectures and seminars by mentors
4. Analytical essays provided by influential figures of the arts and cultural industry
5. Online promotion of AUO Artists
6. Offline portfolio presentation review
7. Invitation to ART-UNI-ON Annual Dinner

AUO Operating Organization