• 2018 1st AUO Artist
  • Min Jihun
  • Chugye University for the Arts, Fine Art, 4th semester
  • Min Jihun is interested in the way human beings and objects have changed in the modern industrial society, where productivity and efficiency are important. To express this theme, he is working on a project that involves machines, humans, and artwork.

"Hello i am keyboard"

3D (Sculpture, Installa..

  • 2018
  • Installation video
  • 2018
  • video, keyboard, motor
  • 500 * 200 * 75 (cm)
  • 2018
  • video, keyboard, motor
  • 500 * 200 * 75 (cm)
  • 2018
  • keyboard, wood, motor
  • 75 * 72 * 41 (cm)


In my previous work, I said, ' Human life was being geared to machines '. It could also be said that the environment has become an environment where humans can achieve the desired results only by performing the movements required by the machine.

[Hello I am keyboard] is an installation based on this idea. The task shows a keyboard being typed and a human typing repeatedly.

I intend to show the awkwardness of what happens when a human being operating a machine naturally in everyday life is separated from each other. He also set the sentence being typed to ' Hello I am keyboard ' to explain the ambiguity of the conceptual relationship between humans and machines.
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