• 2017 2nd AUO Artist
  • Ryu Minhae
  • Seoul National University, Sculpture, 4th semester
  • I have ever heard about how to spend our life happily in a lecture by a psychiatrist. The first is to enjoy nature, the second is to enjoy culture and art, and the third is to have a good conversation with the person whom we like. When I heard this, I realized that my life was thankfully happy and beautiful as dwell on the past. In fact, I learned how to love nature while studying in France, and then whenever I see good exhibitions and performances, I get the kind of trenmendous power which I can not express. And I live by trying to learn and feel a lot of them from broader and larger perspective than sticking to expressing unilateral personal opinion or thought through conversation with good people, and also what I can be happier is that I live my life as an artist who is able to give people such happiness. I want to be an artist so as to make people happy and see the world with new colors.I am proud of myself for this wonderful work. I sometimes think that many people are living their life in dry reality. I hope that these will live by dreaming and seeing the wide world through nature and art. Meanwhile, I have happily lived my life with them together with good people.

ㅁ에 관하여2

3D (Sculpture, Installa..

  • 2017
  • speakers, cement


It is important for me to sense the boundaries of the figurative space created by the cyclical movement in the invisible air of the work which they can not be exactly put a finger on. And I think that it is a criterion which can allow me to differently perceive inside and outside all sorts of things.

As I have worked so far, it is thought that I have perceived the boundaries of the inside and outside of the work. Especially my outdoor work entitled (about ㅁ2) was created with an experimental attitude outside building so as to make the meaning of ' ㅁ ' wider as follows. I put the sound of my actions into four speakers standing on the stage made of cement. I could extend the scope of work space that I was able to be because outdoors had no physical walls like general exhibition halls. It was like the vastness of the forest that I felt when I heard the sound of running water at the small stream in the woods. And I could notice that this sound flowed through the speakers reached its maximum point, so to speak, the end point of acoustic intensity which was figurative space called ' ㅁ '. In fact, ' ㅁ ' in the open air was more mysterious because it made me perceive the atmosphere including warm sunshine, clear blue sky, brilliant starlight and beautiful bird song.
Kim Taiyun, Artist
그간의 작업 속에서 지속적으로 발견했던 특유의 섬세한 감성이 ‘아름다움’의 ‘놀이’ 로 기억에 남습니다. 타자에게 내가 바라보고 있는 아름다움을 어떻게 전달할 것인가 하는 방법적 고민에서 특유의 놀이가 파생됩니다. 그 놀이를 지나치게 관념적으로 혹은 자의적으로 만들지 않도록 유의하면서 보다 자유롭게 즐기시면 좋겠습니다.

AUO translator

Among the three works, I particularly remember the artist’s unique and subtle emotions as a ‘play’ of ‘beauty’. From deep thoughts of how to deliver beauty that I see to others a unique ‘play’ derives. I think it’s best to enjoy this play more, and not make it too conceptual and arbitrary.

2018-01-18 13:06:24

Kim Taiyun, Artist
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