• 2017 2nd AUO Artist
  • Wang Seonjeong
  • Korea National University of Arts, Fine Art, 1st semester
  • Wang Seonjeong is a Korean Artist producing painting works. She graduated Korea National University of Arts with BA in Fine Art and has worked in the Korean art market for six years. She was invited to “Young Artists Recommended by the Renowned Korean Artists- tittle: Our Awesome Moments” in 2015, held by “HITE Collection”. She participated in residency in foreign cities/counties such as in Paris, France in August of 2012 and in Shanghai, China in March 2016. She also had three solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. She is currently attending graduate school at Korea National University of Arts.

The delight hill

2D (Painting, Drawing,..

  • 2017
  • Acrylic on fabric
  • 200 * 100 (cm)


The delight Hill
When I started this painting just feel some urge that making depressing and beautiful image by using green and red.
By the way, that time I was in ’s residency studio at Gunsan, as an artist. Then I listened to rumor about vacant house is nearby that studio. Some years ago a stranger wandered about aimlessly hanged himself at that house. At the time found there was cat was eating stew as it wasn’t still cool down.
So the vacant house’s image is come into this blazed, tangled up blackish red landscape.
Kim Taiyun, Artist
그간 왕선정 작가의 작업들을 보면서 늘 기대이상의 풍성한 에너지와 감성을 느꼈습니다. 아직 고정화되지 않은 변화무쌍한 에너지와 가능성이 많은 상태라는 것이 늘 신선하게 다가왔습니다. 서둘러 자기 자신을 규정하고 고착화하려는 것보다는 좀더 폭넓은 실험들을 시도하는 자유의 시간을 갖고 특유의 에너지를 키워나가면 좋을 것 같습니다.

AUO translator

I received ample energy and feelings from Wang Seonjung’s works more than I expected. I always find it fresh from the kaleidoscopic energy and full of potentials. I think it is best to take free time to have wider range of experiments and grow your own unique energy rather than defining and fixing yourself in hurry.

2018-01-18 13:06:09

Shin Boseul, Curator, Total Museum
From the three uploaded artworks, I can make a rough guess about the artist’s style. However, style is just a formality. In more fundamental aspect, it is hard to understand what the artist is seeking.
As an artist, have you thought about what kind of work should I meet the audience with? Because somehow I think that you are focusing just on yourself in your works. So I became curious, if the artist is a professional artist, what kind of artist does she think of herself and what does she want to tell. When an artist pursues an artwork, he/she doesn’t always have to think about audience. When I say confronting an audience, I don’t mean that an artist should make an artwork likable or understandable to audience. However, shouldn’t it be more than a monologue? Even if it has a confessing part, a work should have an artist’s clear thought or intention, or sympathy with an audience. This might be a too obvious and banal question, but a thought came to me when I saw your work is that the artist doesn’t have a clear answer to this part. I think that the direction and contents of your artworks will be largely influenced depending on your answer to this question.
Kim Taiyun, Artist
Confidential Advice.
Please kindly note that only mentor and mentee can view this advice.
Shin Boseul, Curator, Total Museum
Confidential Advice.
Please kindly note that only mentor and mentee can view this advice.
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