• 2016 1st AUO Artist
  • Lim Jaehwan
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Fine Arts in Studio, 6th semester
  • Lim Jae-hwan is an activist-artist who criticizes the lurking human rights violation and bureaucracy that limit democratic freedoms in his home country, South Korea. Creating painting and performances that poetically illuminate violence in society and politics, Lim is currently undertaking his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Through news media, Lim further embodies and reenacts the political issue-makers through which he actively experiences history. Lim recently exhibited in a forum for an International NGO, Global Network For Rights And Development (GNRD), Stavanger, Norway and received SAIC's 2015-2016 Travel Grant.

Beyond the Democratic Nation

2D (Painting, Drawing,..

  • 2015
  • Dear the Korean Congressmen (2015), Oil and acrylic on linen
  • 135 * 211 (cm)
  • 2015
  • Details of Dear the Korean Congressmen (2015), Oil and acrylic on linen
  • 135 * 211 (cm)
  • 2015
  • Activist-Artist (2015), Acrylic on linen
  • 112 * 198 (cm)
  • 2015
  • Beyond the Democratic Nation (2015), Pencil on paper
  • 56 * 76 (cm)
  • 2014
  • Yellows Under the Blue (2014), Pencil on paper
  • 56 * 76 (cm)


Through re-presentation and reenactment of narratives from the media, my interdisciplinary artistic practice criticizes the South Korean government's political repression that disregards the constitution. My artwork makes commentaries on current issues such as police brutality at legal protests and the media censorship to oppress public expression. I adopt the role of the "issue-makers" in the media by reenacting the actions of politicians, police officers, and protesters, through which I develop multiple perspectives on socio-political situations.

Dear the Korean Congressmen (2015) appropriates the format of the Korean election poster and denounces the Korean politician’s patterned irrational bureaucracy. It depicts a politician who does not see or listen to the voices of the public. I embedded the symbols that represent the poster format, such as the numbers, and my name along with the word “party” in Korean. The election number is a combination of one and two, which represents the major political parties in Korea.—

Activist-Artist (2015) portrays multiplied self-portraits as a group of activists. The repeated raised fist is a symbolic gesture to express uprising defiance and resistance against the political censorship that questions the constitution as a governing document.
Jung Hyun, Art Critic, Associate Professor, Independent Curator
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